Space Wars

Above the barren wasteland of Australia. We rise to make amends for our failure. He destroyed our people now it’s time, to ascend. We’ve got these kick-ass spaceships and his ass, we shall rend. Like Thunder rolling over hills, We sharpen blades, and hone our skills. Arm the missiles, and the laser guns.

Space Wars

Our people destroyed. He cast our race into the void. He made a quick arrival and he came from above. Our armies fell to pieces as he drained us with his lightning glove. As men lay dying left and right, he launched himself into the night. And now it’s time to do what must be done.

Space Wars

We gathered our resources and departed. What’s left of planet Earth, now discarded. We few who now remain venture through space to bring him down. And when we find our planet’s bane, we’ll beat him to the ground. We’ll travel to the great beyond, Armed with fury and neutron bombs. And killing him will be so very fun

Space Wars - All the time we fight

Space Wars - Riding through the night, forever

Space Wars - Destruction in our wake, eternal

Space Wars

The day has finally come! It has been 13 years since that thing crashed on our planet. We are not certain what that thing was or where it came from but some legends say that it was a man wielding a glove that shot out bright blue bolts of lightning destroying anything and everything that got in its way. Just as quickly as it came, it also left, blasting off into space. Regardless of the legend, one thing is certain about it. It was the bringer of destruction for our planet. In the aftermath of that fateful day, 99% of the human race was destroyed and along with it our planet Earth. It’s a miracle that the planet held on for so long, nourished us and provided enough materials for us to get off this hunk of rock. Today is the day!

After that event, our whole world was in disarray. No one knew what to do. It took us awhile, but eventually we all united. We stopped all of our wars, our bickering and our power games. We started focusing on the one thing that mattered most, the elementary principle for our existence and what we humans have been doing for thousands of years: Survival. We know now that we are not alone in this universe and that there are things hellbent on destroying us. We amassed our collective resources, spent decades researching in quantum physics and space travel and broke down barriers between our cultures. There is no “us” and “them” amongst ourselves. There is only “us” and “them”, human and not human.

The hour is almost upon us. Humans from all parts of the global are amassing in the barren wastelands of Australia. Each one of us losing a name and gaining a number. It is here that we are boarding our “life raft”, or should I say “warship” to travel through the stars like the vikings of old searching out that one thing that destroyed us and avenging our race.

On the bridge, there is a screen that reads: “Glove Detected”. The readings on the instrument is faint but it’s there. We have detected the energy levels of that thing that destroyed us. The course is set. Oh man, killing him would be so very fun.